About US

We at RG Craft Co. are excited to share our mission and love for paper crafting and all things creative. Our founder, RG (Richard Garay), has been in the paper craft industry for over 25 years and has dedicated his career to product development, project showcasing, and community building. With family as the foundation of our commitment, we put our best foot forward and invite you to be a part of our growing family. 

Creative Director, RG

RG brings forth a vision of creativity and a love for paper crafting. His passion and dedication to this community, for over 25 years, have provided him with a level of expertise and techniques that are unparalleled. Designer, Product Developer, and Presenter. His motto is "Make Amazing Happen, " and he does this every time he brings paper to life.

Business Director, Ms G

Gabby Garay, (AKA Ms G) exercises her professionalism and level of care for our community by managing and overseeing our production, development and strategy. Her direct approach, to our consumers and community, is her greatest asset as she takes on each need with a great commitment. Her life motto is, "We GOT This!"



Art Director. Joe

This dapper dude (AKA Big Papa) has an eye for detail and orientation. His years of graphic design experience is our gain. The dedication he exercises to our brand and people is priceless. He lives by the idea that we can accomplish anything we set our minds to.